Often we experience the annoying thing when doing the work of covering the bricks on the wall using the dough of sand and cement. The irritation arises because there are some cracks in the finished wall, especially if the wall has been given a color or paint, because to eliminate cracks need to close it with putty so that the paint color becomes damaged and automatic wall coloring must be repeated again, this exegesis in addition to making time wasted, the cost must be incurred to be larger because they have to buy paint the wall again. However, if the crack is present only in the form of cracks commonly referred to as hair or non-structural cracks then we do not need to reduce the letdown especially let the demolition to create a new wall cover layer, this can usually be done by a Lewisville foundation repair expert.

Keep in mind if the hair cracks will not degrade the quality and resistance of the wall to the load is supported, but if the crack is quite a lot it will disturb and damage the appearance of the finished space so that the value of the beauty of the interior will be reduced because of the presence of irregular lines of the crack. But for those who do not want to repeat the work to close the crack with putty or repeat painting let alone make a new wall cover then there are other ways that can be done to close or remove the cracks.

Techniques to eliminate the impression that is not beautiful or neat in the area of ??the emergence of hair cracks on the wall is to create a wall painting or mural. Indeed this sounds very strange, how it is possible on the wall that is not tidy because of the cracks just want to be a place to make a mural. As the owner of the house, you are not expected to be confused in addressing this because the hair cracks can actually be used as artistic lines to create a mural painting because of these cracks can be made various types of paintings that will only create a more dramatic impression, for example, creating a lightning display and thunder on fire or tree branches.