Teeth that have been damaged can indeed have to be revoked. Although there is currently a tooth extraction in an anesthesia that makes the patient feel no pain, the effects of pain after retraction can still happen. Post-retraction, the gums will indeed experience bleeding or even inflammation until swollen. From here comes the pain. Because the pain appears that many people after the Dentist Oklahoma City OK process of removal using ice cream to relieve pain. But is it a way to relieve pain? Or is it just a myth? Here’s the review.

Ice-cold ice cream can indeed make blood vessels narrowed so that the gums no longer bleed much. But it should be understood that there is a harmful effect on the gums if not careful when eating ice cream.

So it’s okay to eat ice cream when you pull your teeth. But if you claim that eating ice cream can relieve pain after tooth extraction, this is not entirely true. Because if you eat ice cream with no care as with too voracious to the part of the tooth hole is removed, then the situation can be dangerous. Because ice cream is cold and the part of the tooth that is removed can slow the healing process to gum inflammation.