The air conditioner in your house could be damaged because of some things you did not intentionally do. If this happens, then you can visit to get the correct repair in accordance with the damage that occurs in the tool.

One that can cause the air conditioner to be damaged is tobacco smoke. Why is that? these two reasons.

1. Could Cause Air Conditioner Quickly Not Cold and Damaged
If the air conditioner dirty quickly, of course, the work of the machine also becomes more severe. In addition, the possibility of the air conditioner will also be damaged earlier. Therefore, take care of your air conditioner as well as possible, so you can also save a little spending just to fix it.

2. Be Gross Fast
Like the first point was, cigarette smoke can cause air conditioner quickly dirty. So in expecting you are also more often to service clean air conditioner to continue. If in general wash air conditioner at least 3 months, now may be more often, at least 1 or 2 months. It can also prevent possible damage.