One of the reasons whey protein is popular among bodybuilders is whey protein can help improve muscle mass. Why is that? This is because, at a workout in the form of weight training, there is forced the muscle to work optimally so that it can cause muscle damage in the body. well, whey protein consumption can help improve muscle damage during the workout and help stimulate the growth of damaged muscles in order to grow more optimally. In the meantime, perhaps you need to visit and find the suitable supplements for your training program.

Helps fight cancer

Another benefit of whey protein consumption is that it can help the body fight cancer. Some research has ever mentioned that the consumption of whey protein can help fight common cancers including prostate cancer and colon cancer. For those of you at risk for cancer, please perform regular medical tests, listen to advice from medical experts and consider also to consume whey protein.

Helps overcome stress

For those of you who are feeling stress, perhaps consumption of whey protein can be an alternative stress reliever for you. A Dutch study conducted on 58 experimental subjects found that whey protein was able to reduce symptoms of depression and create a better mood that is characterized by changes in serotonin hormone in the brain.